interesting facts about page rankI’ve seen many webmasters who are chasing so much after that little green bar, always searching through net trying to figure out how they can increase their Page Ranks. If you’re also after Page Rank, here are some interesting facts about Google Page Rank that you should know before you go after that little green thing.

Fact 1: The term “PageRank” is not used because it ranks pages!

Surprised? You might think I’m joking, but it’s a fact! The term PageRank is named after its inventor, Larry Page, and not because it ranks page. I’ve myself heard a lot of misconceptions about the use of the word “PageRank,” but this is one fact on how the term “PageRank” got its name!

Fact 2: PageRank algorithm patent does not belong to Google, Inc!

Again surprised? PageRank is one of the key factors of Google’s search technology, but believe it or not, Google doesn’t own the patent right to this technology!

The patent rights of PageRank belong to Stanford University and not Google, Inc.

Fact 3: There are two Page Ranks!

Yes, it’s true! There are two page ranks. The green bar which most webmasters go after is the nominal page rank, which gets updated once every three months or so. The real page rank gets updated constantly, which is further used inside the Google’s search engine algorithm.

Fact 4: PageRank does not depend only on the number of backlinks

I’ve seen a lot of webmasters trying hard to develop a lot of backlinks (without further thinking whether they are useful backlinks or not), but trust me, PageRank does not depend only on the number of backlinks. The number of backlinks also does matter, but it’s all about quality and relevancy of the backlinks than the quantity. So, if you have a thousand irrelevant backlinks pointing to your site, it will not make any difference to your page rank, but if you have only a few hundred quality/relevant backlinks, then assume that you’re gonna get a higher page rank next time Google updates its nominal page rank.

Fact 5: High Page Rank does not equate to high search rankings

PageRank is just one of the factors used by Google in its search result algorithm. There are various factors that Google considers for search rankings, and high page rank is just one of the factors.

Fact 6: Your internal and external links can affect your PageRank

Yes, it is a fact. So be careful how you link your site internally and externally. You may leak Page Rank of your blog if there are too much external links siphoning off your overall pagerank, therefore reducing your site’s overall Page rank. As far as internal and external links goes, this article might be of some help in finding out more about how to strengthen your Page rank.

Fact 7: Content and update frequency have no impact on PageRank

I have heard many misconceptions from webmasters that content and update frequently greatly affects the PageRank, but the fact is content and update frequently does not have ANY impact on PageRank.

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