So your Stats Plugin also stopped working in all your WP installed sites just like mine? Since March 16th, I’ve been also been getting the following errors in my Stats Plugin which says:

Error from last API Key attempt:

The owner of that API Key (XXXXXX) is not on the access list for this blog (XXXXX). Stats was installed using a different API key. The owner of the original key can add users to the access list, or you can contact support.

I tried reinstalling the API key, etc. etc., but still the problem persisted. So instead, I started testing different other statistics plugins and in fact, it is working better than the Stats Plugin! If you’re also one of those suffering from this same problem, here is the list of my Top 8 Best WordPress Statistics Plugins which worked like a charm!

  • WassUp: WassUp provides a real-time statistics which not only includes total number of visitors, referrers, etc., like WP Stat plugin, but also gives you a detailed view into almost everything your users are doing on your site. It is very useful for SEO or statistics the part that I really like.
  • W3Counter Blog Stats: W3Counter Blog Stats adds a free web stats to your WordPress Dashboard, and adds an automatic tracking code to your sidebar.

  • StatCounter: The Official StatCounter WordPress Plugin brings you all the powerful StatCounter features like total visitors, browser stats, etc.
  • Jetpack: Jetpack, along with many other features, supercharges your WP sites, not to mention, also providing a simple, concise stats with no additional load on the server.
  • kStats Reloaded: You can also use kStats to collect real time statistics and aggregated data for your WordPress site. kStats Reloaded also provides a detailed overview of visitors, pageviews, referring sites, top searches, etc. like WP Stats.
  • FireStats Plugin: FireStats is similar web statisticsĀ  plugin for WordPress and other self-hosted sites which shows detailed information about who visited, referrals, search engine terms, countries, browsers, etc.
  • Piwik: Piwik is another downloadable, open source real time web analytics WP plugin that works like Google analytics, providing users with various details including the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages, etc.
  • Pixelstats: Pixelstats WordPress Plugin counts each and every viewer and every article views for each blog entry. Interestingly, pixelstats tracks views of each blog post or page, not only on a single article page but also on each other page where the complete article is shown, i.e. the blog front page, category pages, search result page, archive pages and even RSS feeds.

So why worried that the WP Stat Plugin has stopped working? Now you’ve already got a handful of other WordPress Statistic Plugins that works even better than the Stat Plugin ;)

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