Cars 2 Chrome MissionInspired by the movie Disney Pixar animated film, Cars 2: The Video Game enables players to get into the Cars Universe with their favorite cars and its unique features. We recently had our hands on this game on PC, and the game’s pretty neat that continues with the storyline of the movie itself.

Cars 2 CHROME Features:

  • Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage (CHROME) that expands the whole storyline of the movie.
  • Choose among more than 20 different characters to start with such as Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile to become world class spies.
  • Perform unique maneuvers such as air tricks, sidesteeping, two wheel driving, etc.
  • Simply connect with the World of Cars and gain rewards to unlock new items.

Cars 2 Chrome

Players are able to race on the game against each other in a single or multiplayer mode with up to four players. Watch the Cars 2 Video trailer embedded below:

Cars 2 is currently being sold at Amazon for $29.96, and is available for Nintendo Wifi | Playstation 3 | XBox 360 | Nintendo DS | PC / Mac / Linux / Unix. More interestingly, you can receive Cars 2 CHROME Missions Codes that gives your favorite cars an unlimited energy as you race through the game in Cars 2: The Video Game!

Get Cars 2 CHROME Video Game & Mission Codes

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