Free Unlimited International And Local Calls And Free Unlimited Text MessagesViber is a 100% free app that lets you make free unlimited local and international phone calls and send free unlimited text messages. Previously, Viber App was only available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, but good news, Viber has just recently launched its free service also to all Android users!

Similar to the Viber for iOS, Viber for Android is also 100% free to download, no pins, usernames, or registration or anything to purchase required to start using the application, that comes also with no nuisance ads at all.

Free Unlimited International And Local Calls And Free Unlimited Text Messages

Viber Apps For Android Market Features:

    – #1 Free application to make unlimited free local and international calls.

    – Unlimited SMS and text messages.

    – Completely free with no ads.

    – No international charges at all.

    – No usernames, passwords, or registration required to start using the service.

    – Don’t drain up much battery while working in background.

    – High quality voice sound.

    – Can set Viber as the phone’s default dialer such that users can use Viber on all phone calls.

Viber no doubt is one of the best free apps in the iOS platform. It is an excellent VoIP service that doesn’t even need registration, with which you can call to any friends who also has Viber installed in their device. You just need to have either a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G/4G mobile data network to start using this excellent service to get connected to your friends and thus make unlimited free international calls and send unlimited text messages. Now with this free apps in the Android Market, Android users can now call all their friends with iDevices and vice versa!

Viber Android App For Free Calls and SMS
Viber Android App For Free Calls and SMS

Watch Viber Apps For Android Free Calls & Text Messages In Action:

So if you’ve got any android phones, just head over to the link below and start downloading and installing this free apps to enjoy your own free unlimited international and local calls and free text messages!

Download Viber VoIP Apps For Android Market

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