Backup Angry Birds Data On PCDo you know that you can easily backup Angry Birds data from your iOS device to your PC or Mac and actually transfer your current Angry Birds Rio progress from your iPhone to iPad? With a little bit of a trick, yes you can actually backup your angry birds data in case you’re upgrading your iOS or actually transfer your angry birds progress from your iPhone to iPad or iPod Touch, etc. All you’ll need is a freeware and “same version” of Angry Birds games.

Things You Need To Backup Angry Birds Data Or Transfer Angry Birds Progress

    1. iPhone Explorer – Its a freeware which allows transfer of files between PC and your iOS device.

    Download iPhone Explorer (Freeware)

    2. Same version of Angry Birds Game. If you want to transfer Angry Birds Rio progress data, you need to have same Angry Birds Rio version.

Backup / Transfer Angry Birds Data From PC To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

How To Backup / Transfer Angry Birds Data From Your iOS Device To PC/Mac

Here is a step by step guide on how to transfer / backup Angry Birds data from iOS Device to PC and vice versa.

    STEP 1: First double tap “Home” button on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to see if the Angry Birds game is currently running. If yes, just completely close the application by tap and holding the app and pressing the red button. Now, open iPhoneExplorer and connect the device that has the Angry Birds most recent progress data to your PC.

    STEP 2: Expand the “Apps” and go to Angry Birds > Documents.

    STEP 3: Once the directory of Angry Birds > Documents is open, copy two files – highscores.lua and settings.lua to your PC. You can actually also drag these files to your desktop. For Angry Birds Seasons, you might also need to copy additional .lua files. That’s it, you’ve got yourself a backup of all your game in progress!

    STEP 4: Now if you want to transfer Angry Birds progress from this device to another, just disconnect the current device and connect the iOS device you want to transfer the Angry Birds progress into. Launch iPhone Explorer again and repeat Step 1 & 2.

    STEP 5: Now just overwrite the .lua files on your iOS device with the ones you just backed up before.

That’s it! Disconnect the iOS Device and restart it. You should now see all the progress data in this newly transferred iOS device!

For more specific details, watch the video embedded below on how to backup Angry Birds data or transfer Angry Birds Game-In-Progress between iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad:

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if something goes wrong while performing the above-mentioned steps.

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