Android Trojan Virus SpywareDo you have an Android smartphone? If yes, here is an important security news that you must read. A new kind of spyware/malware has been found on Android device that actually has the capability of recording all phone calls and actually uploading those recorded conversations to an online server.

This new Android Trojan Virus has been detected by CA Technologies and once installed in an Android device downloads a file from a remote server and as soon as a call is made, records them in .amr format to the SD card and uploads to the remote server! Creepy, isn’t it?

Unlike for iOS devices and Symbian, malware and spyware have actually exponentially increased on Android platform over the past few months and hence increasingly becoming a threat that raises severe privacy concerns. Malwares have been noted to upload call logs and sensitive informations from a user’s Android phone, but this new Android Trojan Spyware actually excels them all by uploading all conversations that you make on your smartphone.

Android Trojan Spyware Virus

This new Android Trojan Virus first tricks users for granting permission to install in the device. Once installed, this Trojan virus further downloads a configuration file from remote server without user’s content that contains key information about remote server configuration and parameters and when you make a call from your smartphone, this spyware virus is triggered which actually starts recording all your conversations during the call in .amr format and possibly upload to the remote server.

Android Trojan Spyware Virus

Unlike closed platform in Apple, it is much more easier for spyware and malware to get inside the Android Market, hence more vulnerability to install a virus on Android smartphones. It is thus highly advisable to install a powerful antivirus security suite on your Android smartphone.

We would highly recommend this free mobile security (link below) called “Lookout Mobile Security” which was recently updated on July 27, 2011, which not only looks out for any spyware, malware, and trojan viruses but also helps you find your phone and backup and restore.

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Via: CA Technologies

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