Unlock Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Level Without A CodeThe exclusive Angry Birds Rio level that could only be unlocked with a redeem code from DVD of the movie Rio can actually be played on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices without even needing the code! This new level that can be unlocked is called Golden Beachball and it contains 15 new, unique levels.

You definitely need a code to unlock this level on PC/Mac version of Angry Birds Rio, but here is how you can actually unlock Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Levels without needing the code on iOS and Android device.

Unlock Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Level Without A Code

Unlock Golden Beachball Episode On Angry Birds Rio

As you can see on the image above, a new level – Golden Beachball is available that consists of 15 exclusive levels. Here is how you can access them on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, or Android devices.

Unlock Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball EpisodeSTEP 1: Head over to Beach Volley Level 6-13 of Angry Birds Rio Paid Version or Beach Volley Level 3-2 for Angry Birds Rio Free version..

STEP 2: Drop a bird just below the slingshot just on the spot as shown on the image on the right. Just slingshot your bird straight up so that it tumbles down to the spot. You’ll need enough power for the bird to roll over to touch the spot to unlock the Golden Beachball Level.

STEP 3: Once you successfully hit the mark, you’ll see a Golden Beachball appearing, and with it, new exclusive levels of Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball!

Unlock Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Episode

That’s it! Just go to the episode selection screen and swipe left to see new Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Episode that’ll contain 15 new exclusive levels!

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