Hennessey Venom GT 10.895 TuneHennessey Venom GT is the best car on Level 10 car races in the game Drag Racing Free for the 1/2 mile races. As I promised on my previous post of Novitec Rosso 599 12.360 And 12.362 Tunes, I am now giving my Hennessey Venom GT second gear tune which gives a consistent 10.895 timing almost 90% of the time!

If you do not know about Drag Racing Free, let me tell you something about it – Drag Racing Free is a free iTunes / Android App and is definitely one of the most addictive games app that offers players with 50+ cars to race against online opponents and via career mode.

Drag Racing Free is all about giving a “perfect timing” with “perfect upgrades” of your cars that will make your car unbeatable on a given level, and lately, I’ve been quite enjoying beating everybody on Level 10 with the 10.895 tune, the best unbeatable car for Level 10 for a 1/2 mile race.

Hennessey Venom GT Second Gear Tune That Gives Consistent 10.895 Timing

Now, while racing online, most of the timings that I see with Hennessey Venom GT is 10.896 with a second gear tune. However, after tweaking various settings, I do have come up with a very perfect tune setting that can actually give you a timing of 10.895 with Hennessey Venom GT almost 100% of the time! Interested? Well, if you’ve been losing online with your 10.896 tunes, its definitely now time to upgrade to this new, consistent second gear tune that’ll give you a consistent 10.895 with Hennessey Venom GT on all 1/2 mile races for Level 10 cars. All you need to do is set up the following tunes:

Hennessey Venom GT 10.895 Second Gear Tune

I’ve actually won more than 1000 times with this 2nd Gear Tune, and it actually gave me a consistent timing of 10.895 in almost all races. Its so interesting to see players lose with this consistent second gear tune, you know ;). You need to have full Level 5 upgrades for your Venom GT car.

After you have upgrades all the parts to Level 5, i.e., Engine/Turbo/Intake/Exhaust/Nitro/Weight/Wheels, just set up the above tunes.

Now, you’ve got the tune. But when to hit to second gear, etc. is VERY IMPORTANT! Precisely follow the directions given below, and in no time you’ll be hitting 10.895 times.

1. Start with a second gear launch, i.e., switch to second gear as soon as the game starts.

2. Hit third gear at exactly around the point as shown in the picture below (i.e., around 6800 rpm). Press NoS as you hit the third gear.

Hennessey Venom GT 10.895 Tune For 1/2 Mile Race

This 6800 RPM point (as shown above) is right between when you get a “Good Shift” and “Perfect Shift.” That means you should be getting “Good Shifts” as you shift gear at this mark and not the “Perfect Shifts.”

3. Shift all rest of the gears at or around this 6800 RPM mark and the result – you should be getting a consistent 10.895 timing on all the 1/2 mile races!

Hennessey Venom GT Drag Racing Best Tunes For Level 10

NOTE: If you’re unable to do the gear shifts at least at 6700-6900 RPM, still you’ll be able to get variable timings between 10.895 and 10.896, but the more you practice, the more likely that you end up with 10.895! As for me, I end up on 10.895 almost 90% of the time (Yep, still need to practice to get 10/10! :D)

The world record for Level 10 Hennessey Venom GT for 1/2 mile races is 10.893 and getting a consistent 10.895 timing is, I honestly believe, the best timing you can get thus far!

If you want any suggestions or tweaking any specific car for best run, just comment below. Till then, have fun and enjoy winning with this best Hennessey Venom GT 10.895 Second Gear Tune!

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